MacVicar Consulting Inc. is a very experienced, highly specialized consulting team providing client services related to water resource management in southern Florida. Areas of expertise include:

         The Water Management Facilities, Policies and Rules of the South Florida Water Management District

         The Planning, Regulatory and Water Control Activities of the Corps of Engineers

         The Policies and Regulatory practices of Federal Resource Agencies active in south Florida such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Interior

Located in West Palm Beach, the firm serves primarily private sector business and land owners engaged in agriculture, mining and land development. We understand, and can explain, the complicated rules and regulations that landowners and companies must deal with in the 21st century.


Current activities include:

         Assisting the agriculture industry in the Lake Okeechobee and Everglades watershed in matters related to Flood Protection, Water Supply and Stormwater Management.

         Providing engineering and regulatory guidance to the Limestone Mining industry in Miami-Dade County

         Representing the agricultural landowners and growers in south Miami-Dade County in efforts to find a workable balance between the farmersí need for reliable flood protection and the ecosystem Restoration Projects for Everglades National Park.

The MacVicar Consulting team combines innovative thinking and practical knowledge to achieve sound solutions to water management problems.